Joining Chad on Thursday's Chad Hasty Show was District 83 Representative Charles Perry (R), candidate in the SD28 special Election race, who responded to attack ads currently running against his campaign.

In response to questions about Perry's stand and votes on West Texas water plans, and accusations that he would be bad for West Texas on the water issue, Perry said,

"Nothing good comes out of a campaign the last five days usually. But my record's very clear. There were multiple discussion and multiple bills on the water funding plan, I served on appropriations." "The only plan that was made available was voting was for transfer of rainy day funds to fund the water projects." "Sometimes you vote no in a committee hearing just to be able to have debate on the floor, and I thought that was a big enough issue that it needed more debate. So yes there were a couple of no votes in order to have discussion and debate." Perry went on to explain the different bills and water funding options that were available outside of funding via the rainy day fund and that he felt using other resources already available would provide better options. "So on the two bills, in the final analysis, that mattered, regarding water and actual implementation of, I was a "yes", I was an affirmative, I never was never going to vote for water."

Perry also responded to criticism of some contributions to his campaign.

Listen to the entire interview with Representative Charles Perry here:

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Five other candidates are running for the SD-28 seat. They are: Greg Wortham (D), Jodey Arrington (R), E.M. Garza (R), Delwin Jones (R), and Kerry Douglas McKennon (L). Early voting is underway, with election day taking place on September 09, 2014.

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