On Friday (March 13), District 19 Representative Randy Neugebauer (R) joined The Chad Hasty Show in studio to talk about the many current issues in Washington, D.C.

Neugebauer and Hasty discussed a variety of topics, including the recently-passed farm bill, Speaker John Boehner, state's rights and the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

Asked by Hasty why such a high percentage of Americans are dissatisfied with the Federal Government, Neugebauer replied:

Can you blame them? I mean, you know, when you look around and got an administration that's spewing out regulations into every department and, you know, creating a lot of uncertainty for Americans, taking over their health care, trying to you know, control conservative organizations, you know, meddling in the pot-hole in your backyard,  I mean it's unbelievable.

Listen to The Chad Hasty Show's entire interview with Representative Randy Neugebauer in the video above.

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