Texas Governor Rick Perry continues to ride the bounce of his Saturday announcement for his presidential taking 29% in the latest Rasmussen poll released early Tuesday afternoon.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has led most polls with Minnesota Representative and Tea Party favorite Michelle Bachmann came in at 18% and 13% respectively.

Texas Representative and Libertarian cult favorite Ron Paul polled at 9% in the national poll of likely Republican primary voters despite his strong 2nd place finish in the Iowa Straw poll Saturday afternoon in Ames.

Among those polled by Rasmussen, Perry has a commanding lead over Bachmann at 39% to 21% in those who described themselves as Tea Party activists and even has a lead over Romney in those who describe themselves as non-Tea Party participants at 27% to 24%.

Paul couldn't seem to capitalize on his vocal following of online supporters in the poll.


From the report,

"Paul, who emerged as a Cinderella of sorts from the Saturday straw poll, is viewed favorably by 43% and unfavorably by 45%. Gingrich is in a similar position with favorables of 48% and unfavorables of 43%."

Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, and Jon Huntsman are polling in single digits as they still do not have the traction or name recognition to compete for primary voters attention.

In a hypothetical match up of a generic Republican taking on President Barack Obama, the Republican leads with 46% to Obama's 43%. Obama picked up a 1% gain from last week, but still continues to lose to the generic Republican challenger in the national survey.