Monday on Lubbock's First News, Congressman Randy Neugebauer discussed Veterans Day activities and the nuclear talks regarding Iran's nuclear capabilities.

Friday, to celebrate veterans, Neugebauer attended a Purple Heart ceremony in Lubbock. Today, Neugebauer will be meeting with the family of a veteran. This veteran, who is now passed, never received medals he earned. Neugebauer's office tracked down the medals and will be delivering them to the family.

Neugebauer noted that Iran has joined efforts to enter an arms agreement with the U.S. in attempts to get out of sanctions that are seen as harmful. Problems arose in the when it was noticed that Iranian nuclear power plants were making the energy more powerful than is necessary for general power generation and closer to that used for weapons. Neugebauer said, "We surely should be negotiating a very good and very tough agreement because for Iran to have a nuclear capability is a huge threat..."

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