The ordinance that Lubbock citizens overwhelmingly approved in May went into effect on Tuesday, June 1. The ordinance called for abortions in Lubbock to be banned. That means the Lubbock Planned Parenthood location must stop providing abortions in the city.

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas has sued the City of Lubbock over the ordinance but as of this writing, the court hasn't ruled on the case or said whether or not the ban must stay in in effect. In fact, those who support the ban got some good news about the ban. According to KMAC, State of Texas officials have told a federal court that Lubbock's ordinance is in compliance with state law.


As an initial matter, the Texas Legislature has clarified that state law does not prevent cities like Lubbock from imposing regulations like those that Planned Parenthood challenges. Recently enacted Senate Bill 8 (“SB 8”) provides: A statute may not be construed to restrict a political subdivision from regulating or prohibiting abortion in a manner that is at least as stringent as the laws of this state unless the statute explicitly states that political subdivisions are prohibited from regulating or prohibiting abortion in the manner described by the statute.

You can read the Attorney General's letter and see more from KMAC here. Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas will continue to fight the ordinance, but as of today the plan to stop providing abortions is working and the Attorney General's office is siding with the Lubbock citizens who voted for the ordinance. Planned Parenthood didn't operate at all in Lubbock from 2013 until opening their new location in Lubbock in 2020.

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