From the ironic news division, we find a story about signs and smoking.

According to a psychological study from Oxford, no smoking signs actually increased smokers need for nicotine. It made them crave a cigarette more. Maybe we can file this under the old rule, we want what we can't have? Here is part of the story from the Daily Mail:

In a series of experiments, the researchers showed that participants who had earlier been shown no smoking signs were more drawn to smoking-related images such as ashtrays and cigarettes.


Mr Earp added: 'What's interesting is the ironic effect of the negative image. No smoking signs are meant to discourage an activity but what happens is you get a kick back so that the very item that's supposed to be prohibited becomes more desirable.

'My hunch is that having all this "don't do this" information out there may have ironic consequences.'

So what do you think about this study?

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