Are you tired of big government creeping into your life? Do you support private property rights? Where will you be this evening at 5:15pm? Here is your Morning Brief for October 23, 2014.

Cole Shooter,
Cole Shooter,

Lubbock City Council to Vote on Smoking Ban Tonight at 5:15pm

The Lubbock City Council will get together tonight at 5:15pm and on the agenda is the far-reaching expanded smoking ban. In reality, it is much more than a smoking ban. The ban that the Lubbock City Council will vote on tonight includes e-cigarettes and vapor, snuff, dip, and anything else with tobacco and/or nicotine.

You can view my Morning Brief from just a few days ago that outlines just some of this ordinance.

As I've stated before, this is not a smokers vs. non-smokers issue. Looking at it that way is too simple and misses the real intent of the ordinance. The intent of this ordinance is to take away freedom and to hurt private property rights. This ordinance would not only impact ALL businesses in Lubbock, but would also extend to your car and home in some circumstances. This ordinance would open the door for local government to regulate what you do inside your home or car now and in the future. I don't know about you, but for me that is completely unacceptable.

Matthew Harris and his leftist group known as the West Texas Smoke-Free Coalition believe that it is the government's job to look out for the health of employees who chose to work in a bar that allowed smoke. Forget personal responsibility, for Harris and people like him, government is the substitute for responsibility.

Tonight we will find out where our city council stands when it comes to freedom and private property rights. The current ordinance works and allows a business owner to choose whether they want to allow smoking or not. We as citizens can decide whether or not to eat or drink there. We as citizens can decide for ourselves whether or not we want to work at a place that allows smoking. That is how it should work.

I have heard from many of you who are outraged about big government on the federal and state levels. I've heard from those who are outraged about big government on the local level as well. I've seen your emails, tweets, and Facebook messages. Now is the time to act though. Now is the time to stop big government here in Lubbock. I promise you this, Matthew Harris and his liberal organization will show up and they will speak their mind. They will be loud and they will be in the council's face. What about you? It's time to show up to Lubbock City Hall and if you are comfortable, sign up to speak. Be courteous but forceful. Tell City Hall that the current ordinance works. Tell City Hall that freedom and private property rights work.

See you tonight at 5:15pm at Lubbock City Hall.

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