During "Open Line Friday", Matthew Harris, Chairman of the West Texas Smoke Free Coalition (WTSFC) called in to speak with Chad on KFYO's Chad Hasty Show.

Matthew and Chad sparred on various points around the issue of the proposed smoking ban ordinance, on which WTSFC has been working with city attorneys to have a new ordinance drafted.

Asked if any of the guidelines and examples (which the WTSFC has provided to the attorneys) restrict in any way smoking on patios or outdoor areas, Harris responded, "Absolutely not. We are absolutely not seeking prohibitions of smoking on patios or outdoor areas, other than what's already in place right now, with the 20 feet from the door."

Commenting on forcing bar owners to adopt no smoking policies through city ordinance, Chad said, "We've had numerous businesses (owners) that have stood up during council meetings and said they don't want this. That everything's fine the way it is, adults can make adult decisions."

Responding to Harris' comment that Lubbockites are suffering on a daily basis from smoking in establishments in Lubbock, that the corporate owners located in other cities aren't concerned with, Hasty said, "No one is suffering. Matthew, people make a decision to go in by themselves, no one is forced to suffer here."

The conversation continued with points and counterpoints about employees working jobs inside of businesses where smoking is allowed.

Listen to the entire conversation with Matthew Harris here:

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