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When you think of healthy cities, does Lubbock, Texas come to mind? If your answer is no, according to at least one study you would be correct.

A recent WalletHub study took a look at 182 cities across the United States to find the healthiest and unhealthiest places to live. Out of the 182 cities looked at, Lubbock finished at 173 which makes the Hub City one of the top ten unhealthiest cities in America.

The good news for Lubbock? We weren't ranked the worst in Texas. Laredo came in at number 181 and Brownsville came in last.

WalletHub looked at numerous different factors to come up with their rankings. Those factors included the cost of a medical visit, premature-death rates, percentage of adults not eating enough fruits and vegetables. The study also took a look at the amount of green space a city has.

It probably won't surprise anyone, but Austin ranked the highest of all Texas cities with a ranking of 7th healthiest in the United States. San Francisco was ranked as the healthiest city in America according to WalletHub.

WalletHub also reportedly took a look at COVID-19 cases and compared cities on the pandemic. Lubbock is showing improving numbers on coronavirus cases but it is unclear how much of a role those cases factored in all together.

Last week, I wrote a story on Lubbock residents not getting enough sleep. Sleep is an important part of staying healthy and one we can control a little more than how much green space a city may have.

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