Texas Says Gender Modification Surgery Is Child Abuse
It's official. Gender modification will be considered child abuse in Texas says the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Commissioner Jaime Masters wrote to Texas Governor Greg Abbott in response to the Governor's letter last week asking the agency to, "please issue a determination of whether genital mutilation of a child for purposes of gender transitioning through reassignmen
Covenant Health To Offer Free Colon Screenings
Going to the doctor and getting screened is an important step in staying healthy as we get older. Unfortunately, many people last year stayed away from hospitals and doctor offices. There are also many adults who just don't feel like getting check ups...
New Study Says Lubbock Is Not A Healthy City
When you think of healthy cities, does Lubbock, Texas come to mind? If your answer is no, according to at least one study you would be correct. A recent WalletHub study took a look at 182 cities across the United States to find the healthiest and unhealthiest places to live...

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