It is officially Summer in Lubbock and that means over the next couple of months, it's going to be hot and probably pretty dry.

We've already seen triple digit heat in Lubbock twice officially at the airport and hit 99 degrees a few more times. And this week we are likely to see triple digit heat Tuesday through Friday.

So how hot is it going to be this Summer in West Texas?

If the trends are correct, we can expect it to be a hot one in West Texas. And no, it doesn't matter how June starts.

In 2023, Lubbock saw its first 100 degree day on June 19th, which we are way ahead of already. By the end of June, the National Weather service reports that Lubbock had hit triple digits on 9 different days. And some of those days were really hot with temperatures hitting as high as 109 degrees. Add up the entire Summer, and year really, and Lubbock recorded 46 days above 100 degrees for 2023.

Record For Most Number Of 100-Degree Days in Lubbock

While the summer of 2023 was long, hot and dry, it was nothing compared to 2011. In 2011, Lubbock recorded 48 triple digit heat days which included three, six day stretches of triple digit heat.

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What is Record Highest Temperature For Lubbock?

While it's been hot the last few summers, and will be hot again this summer, one question that many wonder is, what is the hottest it has ever been in Lubbock? The answer may surprise you.

The record high temperature was actually set back in 1994 (30 years ago!) on June 27 the high hit 114 degrees.

When Was the Driest Year on Record?

Thanks to that hot summer of 2011, 2011 ranks as the driest on record with just 5.86 inches of rain for the whole year.

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