On the Tuesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Michael Quinn Sullivan of Empower Texans talked with Chad Hasty about the latest coming out of the state legislative session.

In the Texas legislative session, the House and the Senate have both released their prospective budgets. While Sullivan is pleased that Texas has a surplus this year, he said the real challenge will be trying to stop lawmakers from spending it all.

"Our challenge is really going to be over the next several days, looking at the budget, of how do we stop lawmakers from spending every dollar that they have or might have available to them and return it to the taxpayers. The reason Texas has done so well is we have taxes that are lower than the other states."

Sullivan went on to warn that an increase in taxes, as some cities are lobbying for now, would be one of the worst things Texas can do as a state. He added that although many media outlets and Democrats are "disgusted" that Texas is not running out and spending all $8 billion of the surplus, overspending in good times can lead to disaster for a state, as proven in states like California and New Jersey.

Aside from the budget, Sullivan said that people also need to pay close attention to what happens with Obamacare and the business tax.

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