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A man was arrested after he was found with 5 people being smuggled in his minivan in Lubbock County.

KAMC News reports that 21-year-old Angel Andres Fraga Hernandez was driving a Honda minivan with an Arizona paper license plate along US Highway 84. A Texas Department of Public Safety trooper says that Hernandez was driving over the speed limit, and on top of suspecting "suspicious activity," pulled him over.

The trooper noticed 5 people laying down in the rear cargo area of the minivan. One of them was a minor. Some of these people claimed they didn't even know Hernandez, saying that he was only transporting them for "personal, financial gain."

A bit over $3,500 was also confiscated from Hernandez, who as of Wednesday, November 24th, remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center.

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