This Friday (April 21st) at 3 p.m., both of Texas Tech's mascots, The Masked Rider and Raider Red, will have their respective ceremonies transferring the mascots' responsibilities to new students.

According to a press release from Texas Tech, the event will take place at McKenzie-Merket Alumni Center, Texas Tech campus, located at 17th Street and University Avenue:

The Masked Rider Program's 56th rider will take the reins of Fearless Champion from the 2016-2017 Texas Tech Masked Rider Charlie Snider.

Following the Transfer of Reins ceremony, two graduating Raider Reds will be unmasked and pass their guns to two new students who will serve as the mascot for the upcoming academic year.

The Masked Rider is the official and oldest mascot still in use by Texas Tech. I had the honor of being next to Fearless Champion (that's the current horse) and it was MAGICAL. Did you know Texas Tech was the very first school to have a live horse as a mascot at a football game? Well, now you do.

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Raider Red is also a big deal. He was created based on a cartoon from Lubbock's Dirk West, a famous editorial cartoonist in addition to serving one term as Lubbock's mayor. (He chose not to re-run, as he found politics distasteful. I tend to agree.)

Raider Red was created for times when it's not appropriate or permissible to have a live horse, but nowadays it's more of a "why not both?" scenario, as both characters are really loved.

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