Former Texas Tech offensive lineman Manny Ramirez joins the football staff this week. Ramirez will not take any time off from the game after finishing his nine-year NFL career.

Coach Kingsbury talked about how Ramirez will affect the program in his Monday press conference.

Kingsbury had high praise for Ramirez, touting him as a role model and saying he'll be in the player development role. "I can't imagine a better role model," Kingsbury said of Ramirez.

Ramirez's official job will be as an academic liaison for the football staff, where he'll help develop life skills curriculum and coordinate all community service activities for the program, according to

During his NFL career, Ramirez played for the Detroit Lions, who drafted him in the 4th round in 2006, and the Denver Broncos where he started 43 games for the Broncos. Ramirez served as center under legendary quarterback Peyton Manning during the Super Bowl run in 2013.

Ramirez was at Texas Tech from 2003 through 2006, where he played guard. He was an All-Big 12 second team honoree in 2005. He also received All-Big 12 honorable mention twice in his career. Ramirez started 38 games in his Red Raider career.

Ramirez benched 550 pounds -- a record at the time -- while at Texas Tech. I don't know what bearing that has on his job now, but it's an incredible amount of weight.