Many Lubbock residents remember the tragic story of Luke Siegel, son of former Texas Tech coach Tim Siegel, who was involved in a golf cart accident this summer. Luke Siegel is now approximately 18 weeks along in his recovery process and has improved dramatically.

Now in Fort Worth at Cook Children's Hospital, Luke is fighting each day to get better. He has regained some speech and motor skills, while the community continues to raise money for his medical fund.

According to a recent update on the Pray for Luke Siegel Facebook page, Luke is beginning to vocalize more and can move his arms and legs to a small degree on command.

On July 28, 2015, Siegel was involved in a golf cart accident and suffered head and chest trauma that resulted in TBI and an anoxic brain injury, which happens when the brain fails to receive an adequate amount of oxygen for an extended period of time.

After being treated at UMC in Lubbock, Siegel was transferred to Cook Children's Hospital where he's been recovering for the past three months.

To donate to Luke Siegel's medical fund, visit his GoFundMe page. As of press time, the donation page has received more than $84,000.

To keep up to date with Luke's recovery, you can like the Facebook page Pray for Luke Siegel.

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