Luke Siegel has fought hard over the last few years after a horrific accident, and had a setback this week after another accident. Throughout the troubled times, The Siegel Family has had an amazing advocate who's not only helped raise money, but just provide emotional support.

That man is none other than Drew Brees, who also set the all-time NFL passing yard record last night. In a time where Drew Brees could have been celebrating a victory with his teammates or his family, Brees took the time to send a message to Luke Siegel:

"You helped us pull it out," Brees told Siegel, calling him his good luck charm. "We won that one for you."

In the grand scheme of things, this is a very small act from Drew Brees. But to Luke Siegel and his family, this is very special. Brees didn't send this out over social media. He wasn't giving a generic line or checking a community service box. This was a personal message to Luke from a friend.

A friend who just had great personal success.

Most time in life, sports are just sports. It's a game. There are moments, though, when the athlete or game transcends its place in life and becomes something much greater. It becomes hope.

Most of us watched Drew Brees the incredible quarterback last night. The Siegels were watching hope incarnate. A fighting spirit. An attitude.

There are a lot of bad stories about athletes. It feels good to be able to savor a great one.

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