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Is a pay increase needed for the Lubbock Police Department?

The Lubbock Professional Police Association, also known as the LPPA, has started a campaign to increase the wages of Lubbock Police Officers. The Lubbock Professional Police Association is asking the City of Lubbock to increase the pay of officers during the current budget talks.

According to the Lubbock Professional Police Association, local officers at the Lubbock Police Department are paid an average of 14% lower than officers in comparable cities.

Not only are Lubbock Police Officers facing lower pay, but according to a press release they are also dealing with higher crime and more gangs and gang members. Both the categories of murder and Aggravated Assault crimes were up in 2020. According to the Lubbock Professional Police Association, better pay will mean better retention of officers and a pay bump can be achieved without a tax increase.

LPPA belives that better pay will lead to retention of experienced officers. Brandon Price, LPPA Board Member, says “talking to other officers you hear that many are choosing to retire or move into other professions, rather than face the criticism and scrutiny they receive as an officer in today’s climate. Why continue working in this field for lower wages and higher risk?”

LPPA President, Josh Reid, explained that a tax hike is not needed to increase pay for officers as The City of Lubbock has the funds. “They have budgeted for 465 Officers but we have only averaged approximately 415 sworn officers,” Reid explained. “Reallocating some of that money would provide the pay increase that the officers are asking for without requiring a tax or budget increase.”

The Lubbock Professional Police Association is asking the City of Lubbock to increase pay for Lubbock Police to what's comparable to similar Texas cities.

Both Josh Reid and Brandon Price with LPAA will join The Chad Hasty Show at 10:05 a.m. on Thursday to discuss the issue further.

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