Lubbock City Attorney Sam Medina's home and one other residence owned by him were the targets of searches this morning by Lubbock Police.

Police officers and detectives arrived simultaneously at 6605 Norwood and 2310 61st Street at 7:30am this morning, and were observed going in and out of both locations with a camera.

Medina’s garage at the 6605 Norwood address was also searched by officers.

Following the searches, the Lubbock policed released a brief statement:

[On Friday February 21, 2014 at 7:30 am Lubbock Police served two search warrants simultaneously at 6605 Norwood and 2310 61st Street. During the course of an earlier investigation another possible crime was discovered. Search warrants were authorized by Judge Schapp of the 47th District Court in Potter County. Evidence related to the ongoing investigation was recovered at both locations. No arrests have been made.]

Earlier in the month, Lubbock County District Attorney Matt Powell asked Potter County District Attorney Randall Sims to investigate allegations made by Medina’s daughter in law that the she had been sexually assaulted over a period of several years by her father in law.