In recent days, eagle-eyed shoppers have noticed some unusual shortages in grocery stores across the country.

After dealing with the Great Pandemic Hiney Wipe Shortage of 2020, you can't blame consumers for being a bit wary each time they head to the supermarket for fear that they will see empty shelves for items that they see every day. So far, we've been fairly lucky, but now there are reports that your furry feline friend may be at risk.



According to Thrillist, J.M. Smucker, who also makes your favorite jams and jellies,  has pulled Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food off the shelves in eight states due to salmonella concerns. The bags in question are 30-pound bags (for serious cat people) sold at Walmart locations in areas, including New Mexico and Oklahoma.

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Now, after seeing my own cat eat small birds and even his own poop, one would wonder if salmonella would be a concern or if they are concerned that humans may be snacking on kitty kibble out of boredom. It turns out, however, that salmonella can absolutely impact a cat negatively, which is also a reason why you should also refrain from feeding raw chicken to a housecat.


If you really wanted to pamper your little lion, maybe you should forego the idea of cat food altogether and go with the principle that served America's favorite Fat Cat for so many years.


When in doubt, break out the lasagna. If it's good enough for Garfield, it's good enough for your ferocious feline friend.

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