It looks like nothing is safe anymore, not even Pam cooking spray.

From our new BFFs at Lifehacker:

Over half a dozen people are suing Conagra after sustaining injuries allegedly resulting from exploding cans of cooking spray. According to USA Today, the injuries are pretty serious—in addition to burns, one person was blinded in one eye. According to the Chicago Tribune, Conagra removed the can from “active production earlier this year, three years after introducing it.” Conagra has not issued a recall on the old design, and maintains that “when Pam is used correctly, as instructed, it is a 100% safe and effective product.”

There's no official recall, because being burned and/or blinded isn't recall worthy. And that's why people are now suing.

Apparently, these older cans were defective to the point where the contents could escape through various means. But the odds are if you have Pam in your home, you might have one of these older cans. If it's a 10-oz can or larger and purchased within the last three years, chuck it in the trash.

Don't take a chance. Throw. It. Out.

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