A vehicle crash occurred after a Lubbock man led police in a pursuit. The Lubbock Police Department responded to a call of a burglary in progress shortly before 12:30 p.m. Thursday, August 11th. KAMC news reported that Lubbock Police arrived at the Southern Shingles Roofing Material and Supplies store in the 1100 block of East 50th Street.  When officers arrived at the scene they discovered two suspects who happened to be 45-year-old Felix Gutierrez and 56-year-old Wanda Hereford.

Both suspects fled from police in a vehicle once they noticed officials, which resulted in Lubbock Police officers engaging in a pursuit. Lubbock officers tried to conduct a traffic stop but Gutierrez was unwilling to cooperate, this resulted in officers following the vehicle into the 2800 block of East 4th Street.

While the vehicle was traveling eastbound Gutierrez did not follow the "S" curve in the roadway, hitting a curb on the southern side of the roadway. This caused Gutierrez to lose control of the vehicle, rendering it disabled, as it came to a complete rest in a median. Gutierrez exited the vehicle and left the scene on foot engaging Lubbock Police in a short foot pursuit before his arrest. Gutierrez' passenger was abandoned in the vehicle after the vehicle stopped and had to be transported to University Medical Center for minor injuries. 

Gutierrez was arrested and charged for Failing to Stop and Render Aid, Evading by Vehicle, Evading on Foot, and Theft with Two Prior Convictions. Lubbock Police also noted that he had two warrants for his arrest, a Second-degree Felony Warrant and Two Misdemeanor C Warrants. As of the publishing of this article Gutierrez has 11 charges with a totaled bond of $164,500.

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