A Lubbock man was arrested for shooting at two people in a local bar parking lot. KAMC news reported that 30-year-old Frederick Toby Ramos drove his vehicle up to two women in the parking lot of The Office Bar on October 27. Ramos invited the two women to a party to which they declined and insisted they were heading to one of the women's homes. One of the women turned out to be the ex-girlfriend of Ramos accompanied by her friend.

After declining Ramos' invitation to the party he reportedly made some comments about them heading home. Ramos then pulled out a gun and began shooting at both of the victims but did end up missing both of them. Ramos then drove off to the front of the bar where two off-duty Floydada peace officers were working as security and alerted by a bystander that Ramos had a gun in his possession. Those two off-duty peace officers then stopped and detained Ramos until Lubbock Police Officers were able to arrive at the scene and investigate the situation.

After Lubbock Police took control of the situation they then questioned Ramos who was not very willing to cooperate with the interrogation process so officer's could understand the situation. Ramos told officers that he was initially trying to go home when heard a sudden popping noise and the two victims were dragging him out of his vehicle. Police believed that Ramos instead fired the gun at the two victims and he was then arrested. Ramos remains in the Lubbock County Detention Center as of the publishing of this article on charges of Aggravated Assault with a $10,000 bond.

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