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After running our Weird and Wonderful West Texas video about Hell's Gate last week, we received an email from one of our listeners about his truly terrifying experience at the reportedly haunted location.

Jim told us that he's been visiting Hell's Gate since he was a kid to hang out with friends despite it being a "scary place." A couple years ago during a bad point in his life, he went out to Hell's Gate to sit by himself on the train tracks and clear his head.

He said it was about 2:30 a.m. when he got there and he sat, facing west, for around an hour. This is where the story turns creepy. Jim says he woke up in an abandoned house north of the tracks with his phone completely dead. Looking at his watch, it read 4 a.m.

Jim told us he doesn't remember walking to the house, so had no clue how he got there. When he got up to walk back to his car, it felt like his legs were burning. When he looked at them, both sides of his calves had three scratch marks down each -- like he had been grabbed.

As he walked to his car, Jim said he noticed that the nearby dirt and grass looked as if someone had been dragged through it to the abandoned house. Maybe him?

Jim says he freaked out and ran to his car and has never returned to Hell's Gate since that incident. He told us he doesn't scare easily, but that this incident "scared him to death."

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