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I've driven by it hundreds of times on my way out to Buffalo Springs Lake and didn't realize I was driving by an icon of a bygone West Texas era.

Intern Anna told me that her father-in-law Casey Johnson used to go there when he was a kiddo.

We stopped by and talked with the current owner, Brice Chapman, about what once was quite an extravaganza of an attraction -- and a little before its time.

Brice told us that Rimrock City, which opened in 1964, had not only a "wild west town" -- complete with pretend shoot-outs and a restaurant -- but also a pristine, concrete 18-hole miniature golf course and rides which included an air tram.

Plus, it was home to many exotic animals, including elephants, tigers and lions.( Oh my!)

We also found out that a Herpetarium (or snake pit) and an alligator pit used to thrill patrons of the site.

Chapman also told us that Lubbock just wasn't big enough at that time to support a venue like Rimrock City, and that the owners eventually sold the property and the animals.

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