We've talked to Darrell Maloney several times regarding stories from his book "Haunted Lubbock - True Ghost Stories From The Hub of The Plains."

Well, there's more in store with "Haunted Lubbock 2," and this story from University Medical Center in Lubbock will make the hairs on your neck stand up.

Maloney visited the Awesome 98 studio and gave us a preview of one of the stories that will be included in his upcoming book.

About two months ago, a lady was checked into room 335 at UMC in 3 West. She experienced a couple of very strange things, the first being a audible exhale that came from the corner of her room one night. She said that after the sound, "all the pressure left the room."

Later that same night, she triggered the alarm when she bent her arm with the IV in it. A nurse came in and started scolding her. What caught her attention was that the nurse was dressed in a starched white uniform, complete with white hat with a red cross on it -- not unlike the nurses uniforms from the 1950s.

The nurse proceeded to further scold her, telling her she would have to hold her arm out straight all night. The nurse then left the room.

Well, after an uncomfortable night, when the staff came in the next morning, the patient said she had been treated very well by everyone except "that weird nurse last night."

After hearing her story, the staff told her that there was no nurse like that the night before. Anyone who's been inside a hospital in the last 10 years know that nurses wear scrubs now.

Maloney visited UMC's 3 West to learn more about the strange tale. He asked the patient if she was given any medication which would cause her to hallucinate, and she said no.

So, needless to say, we are definitely looking forward to "Haunted Lubbock 2," which should hit the stores and online by September 2016.

Thanks to Darrell Maloney for sharing this spooky story with us. Look forward to more Lubbock ghost stories on Awesome 98 soon.

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