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I don't have official numbers yet this year, but it sure does seem as though more Lubbock citizens were shot at while driving around Lubbock in 2022, and we aren't even done with the year yet.

The latest incident happened this past weekend when a Lubbock driver reported being shot at three times on the Marsha Sharp Freeway. According to KAMC, the driver who was allegedly shot at then fired his gun into the air.

According to a report, a man said he was driving westbound on the MSF near University Avenue when someone in a Chevrolet pickup fired about three shots at his vehicle. The report stated the man, who had his own firearm, told police that he fired a round into the air as a warning shot to get the other vehicle “to back off.”

According to the report, the man said the shooting stemmed from a road rage incident, but he could not recall what led up to the shooting because he was too “flustered” from what happened.

In November, there was another incident of road rage that led to drivers shooting at each other.

There have been other incidents throughout the year involving gunfire on or near the Marsha Sharp Freeway.

Much of this seems to be linked to road rage which seems to be getting worse. My advice? Everyone just calm down. If someone cuts you off in traffic, instead of shooting at them, maybe pull over for a second, scream and cuss, then get back on the road.

Let's try to do better in 2023.

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