On Tuesday, November 10, a Lubbock County grand jury indicted Lu’Sheandricq Brantley-Jackson (18) for the aggravated robbery of a woman in an electric wheelchair.

According to a police report, two suspects approached the 60-year-old female victim back on July 21 in the 2400 block of 33rd St.

Several items were then stolen from the woman, including a $300 bottle of pain medication, a $400 bottle of a different pain medication, other bottles of medication, jewelry worth $3,000, her social security card and her purse.

The second suspect was not listed by name in the police report, but is said to be a friend of Jackson’s.

Jackson has also been charged for a separate armed robbery back on October 5th when he and two others were accused of holding victims at gunpoint in a residence in the 5500 block of 17th Place.