The COVID-19 pandemic has affected so many things in the world. One of those is the   supply chain. And it looks like it's not getting better anytime soon.

Multiple gas stations around Lubbock are now starting to see the impact.

The other day I went to a convenience store to try and get some caffeine to wake myself up. I saw a sign on the door saying there's a shortage of some of local-favorite items because of all the supply chain issues.

Kelsee Pitman, Townsquare Media
Kelsee Pitman, Townsquare Media

I didn't think anything of the sign at first, but when I walked to the back where the coolers are, I was shocked. It honestly looked like Nematode from SpongeBob SquarePants had come through and taken everything. I couldn't even get my favorite Vanilla Dr Pepper.

spongebob squarepants spongepost-squareblog gif

I went to a couple other spots around town to see if they're seeing the affects as well. While none of the other ones had signs up, they were also pretty empty. Only one store I went to looked like it was stocked up, but it was also attached to a smaller gas station.

When will this madness end? It started with toilet paper, and now we're seeing it at gas stations, some restaurants adding flat surcharges to meals, new car prices because of the chip shortage, housing construction materials like wood, workers, and so much more.

It's a hard balance because people are already having trouble affording things like food and gas. It doesn't look like there's an end in sight, either.

All I wanted was a refreshing drink to start off my morning right. I guess it's better than not being able to find toilet paper anywhere, right? If you know any new places opening up or want us to cover somewhere cool please email me! I love trying new places, contact me at

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