Thursday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, The Car Pro Jerry Reynolds joined Dave and Matt to talk about his test drive of the week, the ongoing chip shortage, which car companies are doing well and which are not, as well as other auto industry news.

This week, The Car Pro was test driving the 2021 Mustang Mach 1, a car that Matt very much wanted to get his hands on. This car debuted in 1969, and then was iterated upon several times until 2003, where its production did not resume until now. Reynolds said that they took elements of the Bullet Mustang, the GT350, and the GT500, and put them all together to make this car. The Mach 1 gets 480 horses with its "very proven" 5 liter v8 engine with a 10 speed automatic, although there is an option to get a 6 speed manual. Jerry says that, while the manual is how he would prefer to drive it, you cannot shift it in manual as fast as you can with the automatic shift paddles. Ford has said that this is the most track ready, 5 liter engine Mustang that they have ever built, and Jerry says that when you get in the driver seat, you see why, as it has some interesting drive modes, including a track race mode that really changes everything. The car has a beautiful blue color, does not have a backseat which may be a drawback, and has an exhaust sound that Jerry said is absolutely incredible.

I spent a lot of time videoing the exhaust sound yesterday, so I can share it with everybody when that comes out on Monday. So get ready, your mouth is going to be watering when you get done watching this video.

The Mustang Mach 1 has a window sticker price of $58,000.

Reynolds also talked about the ongoing chip shortage and how it is affecting the car industry. Jerry said that normally, at this time of the year, dealers would be super busy, but instead they are dealing with this situation that they have never experienced before. And yet, despite having fewer cars on the lot than they have ever had, many dealers had a positive outlook going into May, due to the fact that the cars that they do get go just as fast, and at a good prices. Reynolds went on to say that Hyundai and Kia have been doing very well recently, while Ford and Toyota have been having a harder time. Additionally, General Motors is planning on doing away with the feature that needs the hard-to-find chip, and instead would have people come back later to get the chip put in. Jerry said that, while it would temporarily hurt their EPA rating, the government actually seems to be behind the car industry on this one.

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