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If you've spent any time outside in the evening lately in Lubbock, you've probably noticed that mosquitos are all over the place. The rain at the end of last month was beneficial, but it also ignited weed growth and gave mosquitoes a chance to hatch and attack people.

The City of Lubbock has urged citizens to do what they could do to cut down on the mosquito population. In a press release, the City asked citizens to get rid of standing water and cut back excess vegetation, like weeds. Mosquitoes use excess vegetation and weeds to as a nesting area. It's another reason why the City of Lubbock wants citizens to cut down on weed height in yards.

Below is an example of what "excess vegetation" may look like:

Chad Hasty,
Chad Hasty,

Imagine the size of those mosquito nests!

Fortunately, the City of Lubbock has set up a way where you can call and report mosquito hotspot areas. A mosquito hotline, if you will.

The City of Lubbock Vector Control Department is responsible for surveying, monitoring and controlling mosquito populations within the City of Lubbock and Lubbock County. The community can provide a valuable service by calling to report mosquito problems in specific areas. Complaint calls are helpful in pinpointing "hotspots" for mosquitos. This helps the Vector Control Department direct surveillance and control efforts to these areas. The public may submit mosquito complaints by leaving a message on the mosquito hotline: 806-775-3110.

So if you're driving around Lubbock, let's say around Loop 289, the Marsha Sharp Freeway, anywhere near a playa lake, around the Buddy Holly Hall or anywhere else where the weeds are tall and there could be a mosquito issue, contact the hotline.

Oh, and Lubbock radio personality Lance Ballance has more photos of the weeds taking over the "crown jewel" of Downtown Lubbock here.

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