The Heat Is Coming and ERCOT Says It’s Ready
It's been a pretty mild summer so far for much of Texas. Sure, there were some days in June where it was hot, but the month of July was actually pretty pleasant. At least as pleasant as a summer day can be in Texas.
The mild temperatures have probably been good for ERCOT as well, as the grid has…
Lubbock Could See Rain, Hail + Cooler Temps This Weekend
So far, it's been a fairly typical summer in Lubbock. Sure, we had a day in the 80s recently, but we've also seen our fair share of warm, hot and extremely hot days in June. That's normal, of course.
This time of year, we start to think less about severe weather and instead wonder just…
Get Ready, It’s Going To Be Cold Tonight
Those of us who thought winter was over were slapped in the face with a cold, hard reality this morning when wind chills were around 21 degrees. And while Tuesday was cool enough, weather forecasters and now predicting that Lubbock and the South Plains will see a freeze for at least a few hours over…

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