For any parent moving their child into college dorms, freshman year can be tiresome, but also fun...sometimes. Students get to meet their roommates in person and decide the décor of the room, along with which side of the room they prefer to stay on, and just bond with each other while their moms hang their clothes in their closets. Well, at Lubbock Christian University, freshman move-in day is just a bit different.

On Thursday, August 18th, some parents of incoming freshmen were met with what has been described as a whirlwind welcome. Imagine you arrive to the freshman dorms right at the specified time and you exit your car when all of a sudden you're surrounded by people. It's like something out of the TV show The Walking Dead: there's collegiate athletes, staff, and resident assistants just grabbing stuff out of your car. Then, as they all move in a hoard back to the dorm with their prize, you hear, "which room?" and that's when the parents realize it.

No, this isn't a formal zombie mugging, but instead these people are helping you move your child into the dorm. Not only are they throwing stuff into the rooms but also helping assemble beds and decorate the room, leaving no time for procrastination because there's a set schedule.

Every fall semester the freshmen class is allowed to move on campus a few days earlier than the upper classmen so that they may partake in what can be described as a step up from summer camp, freshmen orientation. The freshmen are put into their orientation groups and allowed to mingle and chat with each other on teams as they compete in games before classes start.

Parents are lectured about their children's possible college experience and are slowly eased into the idea of leaving their adult children. During one of the lectures, the dean of students will have his small children step on stage with their even smaller backpacks to emotionally stab parents in the heart as they remember that their adult child was once that small. I think the dean of student's kids are in high school now, so I'm not sure if he still does that or has hired child actors now.

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Lubbock Christian University was founded in 1957 and the school is very much about serving the community. It's obvious from the moment freshman move onto campus that community is what brings the school together. As someone who lived in the freshman dorms for five years here are some words of wisdom for those freshmen. Do not sign up for that 8 a.m. class, do not fall into the peer pressures of 'ring by spring,' and respect the cafeteria staff. Classes for the 2022 fall semester will begin on Monday, August 22nd.

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