A local Lubbock area teacher received quite a surprise when she was surrounded by Whataburger representatives and admin during school hours. Every year during teacher appreciation week Whataburger selects a few teachers, nominated by their peers, in 14 different states where they operate and gift them a $1,000 grant. Those WhataTeacher grants go to those that have impacted students and the community as a whole so that they can continue those efforts.

Sam Gabriel is a Biology teacher for Frenship ISD at the Ninth Grade Center and was selected as one of 30 teachers to receive a grant. In an interview Sam let us know what was going through her mind when she was surrounded by those smiling Whataburger employee faces. Sam states she was actually shocked as those events transpired because she was in the middle of teaching a class and guiding students through a worm dissection.

After some of the shock wore off Sam happily accepted the Whatasized check for $1,000 and did share with us what she plans to do with that money. Biology can be seen as a very abstract concept to some students so Sam has decided she would like to put those funds towards a karyotyping lab, cell models and other hands on activities. Mostly anything where the students don't have to just rely on what they read in a book but an opportunity to get more hands on in microbiology where things can't be seen with the naked eye.

Sam got into education to coach volleyball after graduating from Lubbock Christian University but found a deep love for her students and the impact that comes with teaching students. Sam is grateful for the WhataTeacher grant and for Whataburger as they pour back into the community that they serve. Also make sure to give Sam's Whataburger go-to order a try, chicken strips with a side of ranch, it could just be the key to success.


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