Kliff Kingsbury, if nothing else, is a cool dude. He wears tailored suits and has a seemingly endless supply of the exact same pair of sunglasses. His demeanor is calm and collected.

He also owns the greatest name anagram in the NCAA coaching field.

If you don't know, an anagram is phrase or word made up of the rearranged letters from a different word or phrase. For example, an anagram of Buffalo would be Oaf Flub.

In a reddit.com post called, A way-too-early top 25 ranking of every P5 head coach name's silliest anagram, Kingsbury reigned supreme with the anagram, Kinky Buff Girls.

Kinky Buff Girls, in my opinion, is not only the greatest anagram this season among power 5 coaches, but it could be the greatest anagram of all-time no matter the parameters.

Kinky Buff Girls is such an odd, yet perfect, collection of words.

Let's take them one by one.

Kinky: We've got two definitions here but obvious choice is the one you're thinking of. Weird sexual behaviors. If you add Kinky to any word as an adjective it automatically gets weird, but in an intriguing dynamic way.

Buff: Now, this seems self explanatory but let me make a case here. Buff is not the same is ripped. Buff is just muscular but not cut. It's the square/rectangle conundrum. You can be if you're ripped you're buff but not all buff people are ripped. You want an example? Go google Eddie Hall. I'll wait. Buff not ripped.

Girls: I'm going to let you live by your own definition on this one.

If you rearrange the phrase, 'buff' gains a whole new meaning by turning it into a verb: Buff Kinky Girls.

Kliff Kingsbury
Justin Massoud, Townsquare Media

Let's dig into the top 25 list a little bit. At the top, obviously, was Kliff "Kinky Buff Girls" Kingsbury. Rounding out the top 3 were two other Big 12 coaches, Matt "Ultra Meth" Rhule and Gary "Angry Prostate" Patterson.

That means the Big 12 really is the best conference in the world.

The rest of the top 5 includes Daniel John Durkin, or Drunken Lion Jihad, from Maryland, and Mike "Emit Creamy Ink" MacIntyre from Colorado. Emit Creamy Ink is underrated here. When the polls are updated, don't be surprised to see him sneak up into the top 3.

Other notable Big 12 coaches from the list: Bob "Post Boobs" Stoops snuck into the top 10 at number 7 before he quit coaching, number 19 was David "Bad Ivy Date" Beaty, number 22 Tom "Man Mother" Herman and finally, Mike "Ye Mud King" Gundy, at number 24. Gundy is always underrated, and this list is no different. Ye Mud King really goes with Gundy's whole motif with the mullet and the screaming.

I'm sure there is some trailer park in Oklahoma with a man screaming 'I'm the Mud King!' and I doubt you could tell the difference between that man and Mike Gundy.

Also receiving votes were Ed "Green Odor" Orgeron and Mike "Camel Hike" Leach.

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