Kliff Kingsbury is in a tough spot at media day. Any head coach is. They can't be completely honest. In fact coaches have their own language to combat the repetitive nature of press conferences and interviews. It's called "coach speak" and Kingsbury is a master in how he navigates an interview.

He makes solid points, intertwines critiques and mixes in some self deprecating honesty to add a genuine feel. In the same answer he'll mix hope and reality. It's not surprising how this team feels optimism and confidence because that's what Kingsbury exudes.

In the face of failure, he's got a plan to improve. As a Tech fan that has to be a good sign, a sign that Texas Tech has a future.

"It's exciting. You're setting yourself up for success for the next several years." Kliff said about his young returning starters "You hope those snaps pay dividends."

The biggest change in the offseason for Kliff Kingsbury was the public declaration that Kingsbury was going to have a more involved role in the defense. Coach Kingsbury admits he's not an, "x's and o's guy" on defense but just to be a, "sounding board and a cheerleader." Classic coach speak, or is it.

I think what started as a PR move, in my opinion, having Kirby Hocutt do a press conference saying Kingsbury will be involved in the defense has turned into a galvanizing experience for the whole team. Kingsbury having a vested interest in the defense has had a tangible difference in team chemistry. Coach Gibbs mentioned the difference between this year and his first two years. Several players mentioned the unity of the team has never been better.

The biggest, most obvious change that Texas Tech is dealing with in the personnel department is the changing of the guard from Patrick Mahomes to Nic Shimonek.

"I hope we keep going upwards. It's hard to replace a top 10 pick but if anyone can do it Nic can." Kingsbury continued, "He's a smart player. Big arm."

Coach Kingsbury is also excited about his receiver depth and experience, "We have some grown men playing wide out now."

Interesting side note the coaching offices did not get upgraded, "We gotta win a few more games before we get that."


2017 Texas Tech Media Day Interviews

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