With NCAA football officially kicking off, in the USA, tonight it's time to start up the Jack Dale Sportsline pick 'em contest. There is no shortage of great games to pick from this weekend.

Usually there are a bunch of cream puff games during this time slot, like Baylor and Northwestern State or Texas Tech and SFA. This year though, there are a ton of games that will be drawing a lot of hype.

Auburn vs Clemson. USC vs Alabama. Georgia vs North Carolina. None of those were chosen for the Pick 'Em. That's how stacked this weekend is.

Steve Dale chose three to open up the Pick 'Em contest that you can get in on every week until college football is over.

Here are the games that were chosen.

3 Oklahoma vs 15 Houston (pick a winner)

These two future Big 12 opponents are squaring off in the only top 15 match up of the weekend. Is Houston a real contender? Is Oklahoma going to live up to the preseason hype? Will Baker hit the quan?

10 Notre Dame vs Texas (pick a winner)

Texas is the sexy upset pick of opening weekend. Too bad it won't happen.

16 UCLA vs Texas A&M (pick a winner)

Josh Rosen made aggie fans mad. Too bad that won't help the aggie's quarterback situation.

Texas Tech vs Stephen F. Austin (pick a winner and final score)

For all my thoughts on this game tune into 1340 the fan from 4:00 to 6:00 on Saturday September 3rd for Countdown to Kickoff.

Pick a Texas Tech receiver and his receiving yards.

Any receiver. Any amount of yards. The possibilities are endless.

How many total Passing Yards?

At least this many.

John Weast, Getty Images