When you think about the sheer amount of Texas Tech fans out there, this 100% makes sense.

Texas Tech has introduced "Texas Tech+". Essentially it is a digital channel within the Texas Tech app. It's being promoted as being available on Apple T.V., Fire T.V., and Roku devices, with plans to expand.

The rollout seemed to result in a lot of confusion, which is currently being sorted out. First off, live games will not be broadcast, instead, you'll be able to check out archived content. I will say that the content currently displayed and planned is really, really cool.

The plan is for the "channel within the app" to carry hype videos, "cinematic recap videos", press conferences, and more. All in all, it seems like a really deep dive for really big Red Raider fans.

What makes this app and channel is there is no cost and supposedly requires no account or login either, so you can try it and decide if it's something that you want to make a regular thing or not. They are starting out with a bunch of stuff already posted to keep you busy.

With the first game for the football team on September 2nd, you can expect a lot of stuff to drop to hype the season. I love it when you actually get to meet all the personalities on and off the field, it just makes you more invested in the action.

I've included the original post explaining the rollout. You can see it's a bit of a bumpy start, but people are excited.

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