In a now-deleted Facebook post, Aqua Cabana Water Park informed the page's followers that the project to build a new water park in Lubbock has been scrapped and that the company will move to the Midland/ Odessa area instead.

This post was made the same day that news broke that Lubbock's only remaining municipal pool, Clapp Pool,  would be closed for the duration of the summer for repairs.

It's going to be a really dry Summer this year, y'all.


Aqua Cabana Water Park was set to open in 2025, but will now open... never. The (now deleted) reasoning posted to social media is head-scratching, to say the least. The news was shared many times on Facebook, this screenshot is from 1 hour after it was posted and you can see the share count was steadily climbing:

Facebook Screenshot
Facebook Screenshot

Well city manager and the city of Lubbock are way to [sic] difficult to deal with and get permits so we will be looking for land south [of] here Midland/ Odessa area. If this ruffles your feathers reach out to your council members about replacing this junkie staff! 

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Accusing the entire city of Lubbock staff of being "junkies" is a pretty inflammatory claim, so I can understand why they have since deleted the post. And the reason I always screenshot things like this.

As someone who grew up in Lubbock, it does have a frustrating lack of amenities. However, we also live in an arid area, so I'm not sure a total of two water parks is very waterwise.

However, with a lack of public pools and only one waterpark, I'm hoping Lubbock kids can find something fun to do this Summer that isn't destructive, obnoxious, or dangerous. Again, I grew up here, and I know how a bored kid can behave.

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