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The David Yost offense has been a contentious point of conversation during his time in Lubbock. The Utah State offense saw a leap of 17 points per game between Yosts to seasons in Logan so the paltry 30 points per game last year at Texas Tech during a 4-8 season was written off as growing pains behind a good quarterback that didn't know the offense and a quarterback the coaching staff didn't trust to run the offense.

Now, seven games into the second season sitting at less than 30 points per game, it's starting to look like it doesn't matter what quarterback is running the offense, it might just be the offense.

Alan Bowman and Henry Colombi have nearly identical stats in 2020. In 2019? Duffey and Bowman had similar stats. If you had to edge anyone forward as the best QB to run the offense so far it would be Duffey with his 143.2 rating which is more than 10 points better than both Colombi and Bowman.

Colombi is my preference this year because of his ability to scramble, but at 2.3 yards per carry, that's not a very efficient use of the offense. Especially when SaRodorick Thompson, Xavier White, and Chadarius Townsend all have more than five yards per attempt. This would be much easier to blame the offensive line and call it a day but more than five yards per attempt for three separate running backs doesn't seem like a bad offensive line.

To me, it is a bigger issue than who plays quarterback or the skill level of the offensive line. It's the gameplan and how this team gets its playmakers involved. Both Thompson and White have more than 15 catches with less than four yards per reception. Why not just turn and hand to these backs instead of throwing it to them backyards? If Thompson is a yard and a half better getting a handoff as opposed to catching the ball that seems like a no-brainer.

It also might give this offense an identity. The quarterbacks don't have the juice to lead the team. Let's find out of the running backs do. At the very least you would go from swing to the sideline to attacking vertically. The rushing attack will also open up the play-action passing attack which was successful for Duffey last season and for Bowman against Texas this year. You also had some success last week on Colombi's deep ball.

As far as Baylor goes, their defense is allowing 180 yards rushing per game through conference play and they are now missing the leading tackler that sets the middle of their defense. The Red Raiders then get a bye week before playing Oklahoma State and Kansas. Both bottom half defenses against the run with Kansas allowing 218 yards per game.

I know it's not what Yost wants, but his plan hasn't worked. If he thinks a screen is the right call, just run the ball. If he's feeling a need to throw it behind the line of scrimmage to T.J. Vasher throw him a deep shot instead.

Just do the opposite of what has led you to this point as an offense.

If Texas Tech fights their instincts on offense the Red Raider defense will do enough against Charlie Brewer to win the game. I'm going to start the trend of fighting instincts and believe that the Red Raiders will lean on their running backs today with struggling quarterback play and beat the Baylor Bears 20-17.

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