We all love animals. And many of us have at one point or another had a pet go missing. That feeling of hopelessness and heartbreak is devastating. But the Lubbock Lost and Found Pets Facebook page is dedicated to helping bring those babies back home.

This is one of the best uses of Facebook anywhere. People in a community coming together to share stories of pets lost, and pets found.

If someone finds a lost animal, they will usually post where it was found and pictures of the pet so the owners can see if its theirs or not. And if someone lost a pet, post the location and description of it so others can be on the lookout for you family member.

This is an open group, so anyone can join. And I urge you to at least take a look at it every so often. You never know when you've seen an animal wandering around that is someone's baby, and your info could help get them back home.

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