In last night's Texas Tech baseball victory over the Gonzaga Bulldogs, the Red Raiders had an unusual playing the top of the 7th after giving up the lead for the first time. Red Raider reliever Levi Wells is struggling and has runners on the corners having just given up two runs in the inning.

After working the count full with one out in the inning, Wells gets the Gonzaga batter to hit a grounder back to the mound.

I'll let former Red Raider and Oakland Athletic's pitcher Dallas Braden take over from here:

Just a normal 1-2-5-4-6 double play for the good guys there. Braden's call of the play makes it even more exciting, "Let's make a pitch! Let's make a play!" Braden opens, "AHHHH heeyy we got 'em in a rundown!" Braden continues as he tracks the ball around the infield. "Let's go bang!"

This, and the time he was a huge fan while calling a Texas Tech game in Omaha, have convinced me of a very simple fact. I want to watch a Texas Tech baseball game with Dallas Braden. Crack a couple of cold ones, grill up some glizzys and watch our beloved Red Raiders yank home runs until we lose our voices.

If there was a Mount Rushmore of Red Raiders I've enjoyed post-Texas Tech career the most, Dallas Braden is certainly getting carved into that rock. His broadcasting, the perfect game while hungover, him telling Alex Rodriguez to stay the f*** off his mound. The accomplishments are wide and far reaching when it comes to the man, Dallas Braden.

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