(Update: It looks like Kliff Kingsbury is giving someone new a shot in Austin. Various reports claim McLane Carter, not Nic Shimonek, will start the game against Texas. Shimonek has started each of the 11 other games of Texas Tech's 2017 season.)

The Texas Tech Red Raiders play tonight in what could be their final game of the Kliff Kingsbury era. Now, I'm not here to dispel or fuel any rumors as to whether or not Kliff Kingsbury is going to be fired if he loses to the Longhorns, or if his job is safe if he wins. I'm not sure if the outcome matters.

What I am sure of is that it's never too late for a quarterback change.

We know what Nic Shimonek is capable of. We have seen the limitations of his talent. He might be as fierce as the tattoos on his arm, but he hasn't been a winning quarterback at Texas Tech. To that point, nobody has a winning record as a starting quarterback since 2013, except for Baker Mayfield.

If the only answer to a question is, "What's the worst that could happen?" then it's my opinion you should try it out. There's no room for loyalty in college athletics. I know that's a harsh statement, but if it's not going right, there are others who might be able to make it right waiting in the wings.

Either McLane Carter or Jett Duffey will be the starting quarterback at Texas Tech in 2018. It's time to see what they can do in extended action. It was time four weeks ago.

If you win tonight? The new starting quarterback has three weeks of reps with the 1st team. It's like an extra spring practice allotment. That's invaluable to the program. If it's Nic Shimonek taking all of the 1st team reps after today (if there is a tomorrow for this season), it's quite frankly a waste of time.

I wish Nic Shimonek all the best in his future endeavors and have enjoyed rooting for him this season. His first half against West Virginia was some of the best play at the position I've seen this season. But a half doesn't make a whole, and that was proven in the same game.

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