Governor Rick Perry will leave the county to travel to Japan and China.

During Perry’s week long trip, the Governor will work to expand international economic opportunities for Texas. He will begin the trip with a speech to the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan on Monday, September 8.

Perry will also lead an economic development delegation to Beijing and will take place in a panel discussion on global economic issues at the World Economic Forum in Tianjin, China.

“Texas is thriving today because of an open and optimistic attitude that prioritizes growth and respects the entrepreneurial spirit of Japanese and Chinese companies,” said Perry. “We are very proud that so many Asian firms have chosen to grow in Texas, and in a big state filled with opportunity there’s always room for more.”

China and Japan represent a significant area of exports and imports for the lone star state. In 2013 Japan was Texas’ 10th largest export and import market with exports totaling near $5 billion and imports totaling near $6.7 billion. According to Perry’s office, Japanese companies have invested $5 billion in Texas and created more than 7,000 local jobs since 2003 with Japan being the fourth largest source of foreign direct investment in Texas from 2009-2013.

The Governor’s office announced that no state tax dollars were used to fund the trip.