You don't just walk into somebody else's house.

Who knows why this guy thought he could jump in and get in on the wrestling action. Well, as a matter of fact, he got in on the wrestling action by getting frog-stomped by a wrestler after being swarmed by security and what looks to be other wrestlers.

I have no idea why fans think they can jump on stage at concerts, on football fields or other places where people are doing their business. The world has seen tragedies unfold, much like the killing of Dimebag Darrell Abbott, so this kind of thing is what we like to call 'no bueno.' I think the crew has to rightfully view anything like this as a threat and snuff it out with impunity immediately.

This is from the Squared Circle Pro "Headlocks and Heatwaves" event Saturday night in Jake's Backroom. Things did not go well for a fan who entered the ring, then for some reason resisted when a sane person or two tried to get them to come out.

It was only a few seconds after that the fan was taken down and given a lesson on why getting on someone else's turf and being on the wrong side of the numbers are very, very bad ideas.

I guess I need to warn you that while you don't really see it on the fan, there are some shots at the end of the video that show some blood on the floor. You could say that the wrestlers neutralized the threat.

My guy -- next time, settle for a t-shirt. Bruises are a lousy souvenir to take home from a wrestling show.  This guy should have gone to the biker rally; it was a bit safer.

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