Ed Whitacre, former CEO of AT&T and General Motors, will release a memoir in February of 2013 titled American Turnaround: 'Reinventing AT&T and GM and the Way We Do Business in the USA'. Jerry Reynolds, "The Car Pro", says that Whitacre serves up 'a few revelations about his time at GM' in the book. Amazon lists part of the synopsis as, "It was President Barack Obama who reached out to Ed Whitacre to come out of retirement and take over GM in 2009. A down-to-earth, no-nonsense Texas native with a distinctive Texas twang in his voice, Whitacre was reluctant to come out of retirement to work at GM."

Whitacre is a 1964 Texas Tech graduate and became the namesake of the Texas Tech College of Engineering after a $25 million dollar gift to the school in 2008.