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Is it possible to issue a Tropical Storm Warning or Hurricane Watch for Lubbock? What about a Dust Hurricane?

If you have any outdoor plans on Tuesday in Lubbock, you should probably get those done as early as possible. While the high on Tuesday is expected to be around 80 degrees, the main weather headline on Tuesday will be high winds and a major dust storm.

The National Weather Service took to Twitter on Monday to warn that Tuesday will be the worst day of wind and dust along with potential fire weather that we have seen so far this Spring. And you don't have to have a long memory to remember the dust and windstorm from weeks ago when people couldn't see across the street.

The National Weather Service is warning that our area in and around Lubbock could see wind speeds sustained at 35-50 mph with winds gusting up to 75 mph. To put that in more perspective, tropical storm wind speeds are sustained at 39-73 mph with Hurricane force winds starting at 75 mph.

The wind will be so bad on Tuesday afternoon and evening that people should avoid doing anything that could spark a fire and visibility will be reduced to less than 1 mile per hour.

Obviously, Tuesday's weather won't be great. Use caution when driving and remember that the strong winds will be impacting our entire area. Dangerous driving conditions could be seen on the Northwest to Southeast roads.

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