Wednesday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, The Superintendent of the Lubbock Independent School District Dr. Kathy Rollo joined Dave and Matt to talk about the start of the school year, how many kids they have in person vs online, how the city has handled the virus, school funding, how the football season will work, and more.

Dr. Rollo started the discussion by talking about the start of the 2020 school year, and how many students are coming into school for face-to-face learning, while others are choosing to take school online. She explained that at halfway through their third week of school, they have about 70% of students coming into school at 20,000 kids, and that, "that has gone extremely smoothly." The other 30% of kids are taking school online. She said that there have been a few bumps in the road in the first week as they got everyone logged on, but that they're moving through it and things are going well.

The Superintendent was also asked about students who have not enrolled in either of the school options. Dr. Rollo explained that there have been about 1,100 students who have not enrolled in either face-to-face or virtual learning, and while some could have moved, the Lubbock Independent School District is still trying to get in contact with them. She explained that campuses are making phone calls and home visits to try to get in contact with the kids, and that after Labor Day, there will be an "Operation Return To Learn" where the central offices will also try to find these kids. She also reminded everyone that it is mandatory for children Kindergarten-12th grade to get an education.

Rollo also talked about COVID-19 cases that have occurred so far. She explained that there have been 32 cases, about half of which being staff members and half being students, and that none have been serious cases requiring hospitalization. When asked how they handle a new case, she explained that they notify everyone on campus, identify who has been infected as well as who they have come in contact with, and make sure they quarantine for 14 days.

Finally, Dr. Rollo had this to say,

We just appreciate all of our communities and their support as we reopen schools. Please send prayers, because we know that this is a challenging year, but so far, we're doing very very well.


Watch the full interview with Dr. Kathy Rollo in the video above.

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