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If you have a dog that is full of energy but you don’t have a large yard or any yard at all, it can be hard to help them get all their energy out.

The best solutions tend to be taking your dog for a few walks each day, or bringing your pup to a dog park. However, some dogs don’t walk well on leashes or can be highly reactive, making it difficult to bring them to a park with other dogs there. This leaves you in a sticky situation that can be hard to find your way out of.

Fortunately, Lubbock has two properties available to rent on Sniffspot. Sniffspot is a service that allows you to rent a yard or piece of property by the hour for low prices. Hopefully we will see more listings available in Lubbock soon, but the current properties available to rent are available on the far north and far south ends of Lubbock.

One property is over two acres of unfenced land that your dog is free to roam, and the other is a standard fenced yard where you can play fetch or just let your dog run around and burn some energy. Both of these properties are available to rent for only $4 per hour, making it a great and inexpensive way to help your dog get their exercise.

Other Sniffspot rentals across the United States also include yards with pools, toys, and other features so you can really spoil your pup. I would love to see more rentals available in Lubbock because this is a great way for dog owners to take care of their pets, and it is a good way to earn some extra cash for those renting out their yard.

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