Wednesday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin Curtis Parrish joined Dave and Matt to talk about his run for Lubbock county judge against Gary Boren. They discussed many issues that have been brought up in debates and asked by various citizens, including those regarding Parrish and Boren's qualifications for the judicial side of the job.

On the topic of being qualified for both aspects of the job of the County Judge, being both administrative and judicial, Curtis said, "The primary job in the administrative role is to be the presiding officer of the commissioners court. You've got 4 county commissioners and each one of those are the managers of the county. It's the County Judge that provides that check and balance to the county commissioners, to bring them together, to see the whole picture, to provide leadership and vision to the commissioners court. That is the job of the County Judge and I am immensely qualified to do the administrative part, and immensely qualified to do the judicial part."

Watch the full interview with Curtis Parrish in the video above.

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